About Marlow Studio & Alicia Moore

Marlow Studio is the vision of Alicia Moore. The British/Spanish designer launched the project in 2020 out of her love for minimalism and sophistication. Alicia’s vision is to share her definition of slow-paced fashion with the world.

Marlow Studio’s design focuses on the combination of two key components: minimalism and simplicity. It’s a collection of elevated staples with unexpected details. A modern and sophisticated interpretation of minimalism, which becomes a true evocation to simplicity. Marlow believes that minimalism can be feminine and sensual.

Marlow is designed for the modern, independent woman. The designs will speak to an opinionated, cosmopolitan woman who would rather invest in pieces that can be handed down as heirlooms than trends.

Alicia has been a lover of classical art since she was young. Something about the simplicity of the work brings peace and composure. Classical art to Alicia is the epitome of elegance and timelessness. This combined with a touch of modern is the essence of Marlow that Alicia wants to introduce to the world.

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